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The Bella Grace Foundation was inspired by a bright light on our world, Bella Grace Yarrington. Diagnosed prenatally with Trisomy 18, her parents were told their daughter was "incompatible with life". On February 20, 2015 Bella Grace began writing her own story and changing the narrative for others affected by Trisomy 18. With the relentless advocacy of her parents and her fierce will to live, she received fair and appropriate medical interventions that allowed her to live an amazing life full of love and joy for nearly 6 years.
Upon her unexpected passing on January 1, 2021 her parents, Brett and Rhonda Yarrington, wanted to find a way to honor their daughters memory and continue to inspire others with her accomplishments. Always eager to help others affected by Trisomy I8, they made the decision to create The Bella Grace Foundation. The purpose is to redefine Trisomy 18 by promoting advocacy, the sharing of medical data and educational resources. The emphasis is on 'Thriving Not Surviving' and 'What Happens Next?' They plan to provide support, education and resources regarding a wide variety of subjects that are important to our Trisomy 18 community.

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